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Ms. Hudson has been working with me in the capacity of adviser, professional expert, and friend with regard to my wigs and hair.  I have had the opportunity to observe Ms. Hudson interacting with other clients. Ms. Hudson has an affable personality, quickly connecting in a special way that makes clients and potential clients, feel at ease and able to open up to her. 

I have had the pleasure of recommending Ms. Hudson to my personal friends and was just recently told by the husband of one of her clients, who is a cancer patient, that he is especially grateful for sending his wife to Virginia.  As a result of the connection she has made with Ms. Hudson, and the positive attitude toward wearing wigs, his wife is actually looking forward to wearing the wigs once the consequences of chemotherapy become apparent. 


Ashland, Oregon

I was a difficult customer to accommodate with a comfortable fitting wig, as my scalp was hypersensitive. 

Ms. Hudson demonstrated her extensive knowledge and patience in the persistent, successful quest to fit me with a wig so that I could continue employment during chemotherapy and resulting baldness without fear of presenting a less than professional image. 

Ms. Hudson gave me individualized education so that I was able to style and care for my wig with confidence despite my lack of even a moderate level of skill with respect to hair styling.  She was sensitive to the discomfort I was experiencing regarding my cancer diagnosis and impending baldness.

Her supportive manner and positive reinforcement minimized my unease.

Medford, OR